Masculine and feminine: we're all genderqueer

Each of us has our own character and talents. Our character, abilities and actions form our identity. In general, we find that some quirks – like a forceful attitude or delicate movements – come with one sex more than the other. But this is not a hard & fast rule: we all know people with ‘other gender’ qualities. And we each have some of those ourselves! It signifies nothing about being the wrong sex or gender. Every human’s both masculine and feminine – and unique. Read this: Masculine and feminine: we’re all genderqueer

Class analysis

Class analysis means looking at what generally happens with people who share a unique set of features. This sometimes confuses people. As a feminist, I might say “men oppress women”, then half a dozen people come along to tell me they know men who’ve never oppressed a female – otherwise known as NAMALT for not all men are like that. It completely misses the point of the analysis. Read this: Class analysis

Privilege: Having privilege doesn’t mean being problem-free. It means that, if life’s a game, you’re playing on an easy setting. Tackle a few problems, you level up. It seems pretty straightforward to you, so you don’t really get why other people seem to find it difficult. Huh, maybe you are a… Read this: Unconscious privilege