Sex change law: UK says “I believe in magic”

Parliament believes it can magically erase biological sex differences with a new sex change law. Hypnotised by the trans community’s charm & sparkle, UK politicians are dancing to a tune that’s causing a huge number of problems in Canada and California, which have similar laws already.

Canadian Lauren Southern becomes a man!

Blonde Canadian blogger Lauren Southern decided to see how easy it is to change gender in Ontario. Answer: ridiculously easy! Watch her video – she’s now legally a man. Coming soon to the UK: It will be a serious CRIME to state a fact instead of somebody else’s fiction. Write to your MP & Maria Miller here.

Class analysis

Class analysis means looking at what generally happens with people who share a unique set of features. This sometimes confuses people. As a feminist, I might say “men oppress women”, then half a dozen people come along to tell me they know men who’ve never oppressed a female – otherwise known as NAMALT for not all men are like that. It completely misses the point of the analysis.