Beautiful video ‘We are WOMAN’ (#weareWOMAN)

Beautiful short film. She will be born female, she will have a girlhood. She can be tough. She can escape stereotypes. She can be comfortable in her own skin. She can break the mould! She can be wise, she can be fast, she can celebrate her body. She can be the best. She can be the leader in her field. She has strength in unity. Her voice is powerful. She will rise up. Our time is coming, are you ready? Don’t erase us. We are women. #weareWOMAN

Amazing women from the past

Did you know a woman invented computer programming? History’s full of incredible women who made a real difference¬†– and were often punished for it.¬†Even today, we hear little about them. Meet nine world-changing women!   Harriet Tubman Born into slavery, Tubman escaped her abusive owners to become an abolitionist, humanitarian,