Sex change law: UK says “I believe in magic”

Parliament believes it can magically erase biological sex differences with a new sex change law. Hypnotised by the trans community's charm & sparkle, UK politicians are dancing to a tune that's causing a huge number of problems in Canada and California, which have similar laws already.

The narcissistic angst of a queer millennial

Trésor’s worthy of being called a woman. His male endocrine system and testicles don’t exclude him from womanly experiences like ten-day-long menstrual bloodbaths that burst through one’s unsuspecting pants without regard to the calendar or the fact that you’re on an induction day.

Biological sex differences: bones & muscles

Biological sex affects every part of us, down to the cellular level. The internet's full of misinformed nonsense - and, worryingly, even medical science doesn't know the half of it. Real physical differences between women and men are too far-reaching to cover in depth but I'll try to be comprehensive. Part 1: structure. Skeleton, head, muscles.