Canadian Lauren Southern becomes a man!

January 6, 2017 6:40 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Pretty blonde Lauren Southern, a sharp Canadian blogger, decided to see how easy it is to change gender in Ontario. Answer: ridiculously easy! She visited a doctor for a gender identity certificate. Then went to the Ontario government office – in makeup and heels – for her masculine ID. She’s now legally a man.


Choice quotes:

Doctor: I mean, it’s not like I can prove anything, right?

Government clerk: I’m glad you told me. One moment, sir.

While this is utterly hilarious on one level, it’s also very worrying. As Southern says:

We’ve decided that we prefer feelings over honesty.

Are we going to embrace reality or fiction?

The UK government, in its eagerness to be ‘ahead’ of everyone on transgenderism, plans to implement laws similar to Canada’s. Misgendering will be a serious crime, meaning that calling Lauren Southern a woman or referring to her as “she” carries a prison sentence. It’ll be illegal to deny her access to any male-only spaces, but probably fine to exclude her from women’s facilities.

Nobody will be able to say “But you look like a girl!” because the law will say it’s a serious crime to state what you actually see in front of you.

If you’re really not too keen on our justice system legislating against simple observations of fact, please do write to your MP using the WriteToThem search box below. You can also protest to Maria Miller from the website.


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