The narcissistic angst of a queer millennial

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Teen Vogue, that weird bastion of male homosexuality for young women, has shared with us the solipsistic contemplation of a millennial ‘queer’ male called Trevor Price Trésor Prijs upon his beard. Trev – a trans femme “worthy of being called a woman” – burned with narcissistic angst over his body’s insistence on having secondary male sexual characteristics. He tried female hormones but they made him ill. Laser treatment was no match for Trev’s exuberantly male follicles. He despaired.

Luckily for Trev and his readers, angst cannot conquer his narcissism. Just as he was inspired by Harnaam Kaur, his courage may inspire me every day as I pull out menopausal face hairs and, whenever I can be bothered, wax the lower half of my body & underarms. I confess I don’t wax or shave very often – I’m deficient in narcissistic angst. I can learn from Trésor, no doubt sharing many ruminations on the nature of hair and femininity. Indeed, since Harnaam has polycystic ovary syndrome and Trev admires her so intensely, he would empathise with my PCOS.

Harnaam, Cherry and Trev:- an intersectional forum on female endocrine malfunction.

Trésor’s worthy of being called a woman. His male endocrine system and ovarian absence don’t exclude him from womanly experiences like ten-day-long menstrual bloodbaths that burst through one’s unsuspecting pants without regard to the calendar or the fact that you’re on an induction day at your new job (that happened twice, since you ask. Awkward.) The inexplicable mood swings, sudden bodily expansions from fluid retention, unreliable temperature control and being on permanent diabetes watch would be old hat to Trev – and I’m sure we’d bond over the serial deaths of our foetuses, conceived with so much difficulty.

Trev wears eye shadow. This is proof of his womanhood. Shrug off your narcissistic angst, young woman man! Your makeup’s really good, as it goes.

Trevor, did you know that men can be male and wear makeup?

You don’t have to try and change sex or be ‘trans femme’, it’s just makeup.

Queer men can have beards.

In fact, they’ve been having beards since long before it was all right to be ‘queer’ – and that was before your mum was born, so I don’t know why it seems so difficult. Try hanging loose for a bit, stay male and be you.

It’s fine.

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