Sex change law: UK says “I believe in magic”

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Sex change law is about to become non-existent. With a wave of the magic parliamentary pen, all differences between the sexes will disappear. Just say what sex you are and, hey presto! Paperwork & medical records altered, a whole new identity created at your wish. Following Jeremy Corbyn’s desperate vote-grabbing vow to push gender self-id laws in the United Kingdom, Equalities Minister Justine Greening hopped on the “choose your gender” bandwagon. Prime Minister Theresa May pledges to support this move.

It still doesn’t look as if the government has listened to anyone but transactivists on the matter of self-identification – and those activists know which chains to yank. Greening, who is in a lesbian relationship, seems to think it’s a matter of gay equality rights. May blotted her copybook with a reportedly long-ago statement that girls become lesbians for lack of a male role model.  Now keen to show she understands that “when it comes to rights and protections for trans people, there is still a long way to go”, she’s trying to stay ahead of Jeremy Corbyn and his liberal youth appeal.

None of them understand that transgender is not the same as gay.
And none can distinguish between gender and sex.


Sunday Times, 23 July 2017


Manipulative Peter Pan

Hypnotised by the trans community’s charm & sparkle, UK politicians are dancing to a tune that’s already causing a huge number of problems in Canada and California, both of which have enacted similar laws.

No surgical or hormonal transition is required in the UK

Politicans’ talk of de-medicalising gender transition is meaningless. I’m guessing they’ve been told a lot of sob stories by minor trans celebs like Kellie Maloney and India Willoughby, felt terribly sorry for them (the poor girls can’t find a man!) and haven’t bothered to check reality. In fact, a person only has to live as a woman for a period of time – whatever that means; presumably it involves swishy hair and nail varnish, those distinctive traits of female biology – and get a doctor to agree they have dysphoria.

There are no de facto requirements

Anybody who says they belong to the opposite sex can go about their business as such, even being locked up in a women’s prison without a Gender ID certificate and with all their manly tackle. Women have already been thrown out of gyms and swimming pools for complaining about exposed penises in the shower with their daughters1. Doctors have already been threatened with violence2 and/or legal action for ‘wrongly’ identifying a patient’s actual biological sex … and here’s where it gets even weirder.

They’re talking sex change law, not gender ID

This sex change law reform will allow people to alter their birth certificates on demand and have all their documentation changed to suit their identity. This is already available to people who have been through the “living as” procedure – with an official Gender ID certificate, they can have their medical records sealed and all data such as their driving licence, passport & birth certificate reissued in a new name and sex.

Biology’s incredibly important to medicine (you’d have thought obviously) so medical professionals have to tread gingerly around a minefield when treating transgender patients. Soon, it seems, I’ll be able to demand a prostate exam from my GP and sue them for mental distress when they tell me I haven’t got a prostate. And if I develop a female-pattern illness after changing sex, my doctor won’t be looking for the right things because my records say I’m a man.

Plus, did you notice where transition means you get all your identification documents altered to suit your new name? Yep, it’s a charter for criminals and anyone else seeking to disappear. It rarely happens at present due to the “living as” requirement, but of course Instant Magic Sex Change™ will offer endless glorious opportunities for everyone wishing to escape their past – or even adopt a temporary identity for the duration of certain activity. (The Sunday Times article quotes “until death” but you can change again, just as you can marry again.)

I’ve seen lots of men cheerfully boasting they will change sex as soon as this comes in – just so they can get naked with young women. Not only that – but they will have more rights than females in female-only places. A woman calling out a neo ‘woman’ is guilty of discrimination and verbal assault – but the owner of a ‘female’ cock & balls commits no crime by showing them off in the women’s shower room. Great news for flashers and voyeurs.

Men are already winning women’s sports. Watch this explode. You may as well tell girls it’s all about trying your best, because they won’t be able to win.

Sex discrimination at work? Forget it. Why would they promote you, a female who has periods and might get pregnant, over a neo-woman without all that awkward biology?

Sexual harassment? You’ve got to be kidding! All the neo-women love it! Stop complaining.

Be raped by a woman. Yes, suddenly rapists can be women and females as criminally violent as males.

Criminal detection will get harder. The simplest thing DNA can tell an investigator is its originator’s sex. Police can’t say they’re looking for a woman if female DNA might belong to either (legal) sex.

The physical differences remain, but we aren’t allowed to say so

The long & the short of it: New sex change law means men may have a penis or a uterus; women may have a penis or a uterus. There’s no difference. Or there is – a lot of difference! – but it’ll be illegal to mention it.

It’s already happening. It sounds ridiculous because it is – and it’s going to get a lot worse unless we lose the fear and speak up.

There must be something good for women in this? What about primogeniture? Surely eldest daughters will be able to change their legal sex, and inherit Daddy’s estate? Well, no. The new sex change law specifically excludes inheritance rights.

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I’m hoping this news is more of a smokescreen than a real threat to women in the UK. Parliament’s just gone into summer recess, and the Government has a lot of unpopular legislation to slip through just as it returns in the autumn. But knowing the persistence of trans activist groups, and the funds available to them, we can’t afford to assume nothing’s going to happen. Fact is, too much has happened already on this front. We need to protest!

I can’t share individual stories as they were given to me by friends on social media. Regrettably (and shockingly), people are afraid to voice their concern in public. I expect this to change as the reform bill comes closer.

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    Old feminist says:

    This is very disturbing news for women . If people want to dress up I guess no one can stop them but to give validity to these delusions is downright dangerous. . Why aren’t women’s needs taken into consideration? It does seem that the men really are trying to get rid of us, in another version of the Hamdmaids Tale. Once and for all you can’t change sex, however much you wish upon a star. Give these people help to come to terms with their confused feelings and reciponcile themselves to the bodies they have, and stop feeding children and teenagers ridiculous stereotypes. Legislation for this must not happen

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    Hecuba says:

    ‘Surely eldest daughters will be able to change their legal sex, and inherit Daddy’s estate? Well, no. The new sex change law specifically excludes inheritance rights.’ Why has this been excluded from the male supremacist proposed law? Oh yes of course because despite all the lies fascist UK government is uttering when it concerns males inheriting property that is sacrosanct and females must be denied their sex right (sic) to change their sex and then claim inheritance rights.

    Property is owned by men as is money especially when it is the eldest son/eldest male relative inheriting his deceased father’s/male relative’s property/money!!

    Proves all the garbage about trans is primarily about maintaining male sex right to dominate and keep women oppressed.

    We women will within a short time be rendered non-existent according to men’s laws (which is precisely what the women-hating boys want) because the only sexes recognised in mens’ laws will be biological males and biological males who have magically morphed into females/and or biological males who play at being females during the weekends!

    No mention in these laws about females who have magically morphed into males having legal access to male only groups/male only spaces!! Will all those females who have magically morphed into males be awarded the ‘male salary?’ I think not.

What do you think?